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Newest player: Pegame Pes. Welcome and we wish you a nice game!
Currently, the highest level on the server is: Rio (1455). Congratulations!
There are already 1793 players having fun on Middle Earth OT!
Start your journey today and join in on the excitement!

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  • The Massive Team Battle is an event where players are split into two teams: Red and Blue.

  • The goal is to reach 100 Frags before the other team.

  • If no team reaches 100 frags after 15 minutes then the winner will be the team with the most frags at that time.

Requirements: Level 100+

What Is The Reward?
  • 10 Gold Nuggets are given to each player on the winning team.
  • 5 Gold Nuggets are given to each player on the losing team.

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Best Exp Today
1. Corgi
1185 EK +74,248,784
2. Anastasia
592 EK +50,615,822
3. Sajgonkaa
312 MS +8,824,572
4. Korek Auu
491 MS +5,900,441
5. Ulquiorra
192 ED +3,454,402

Worst Exp Today
1. Michal
101 Rook -25,789