Mounts with a red background are currently unobtainable in-game through regular methods.

Mounts with a green background taming items can be found at the NPC Nugger Nick in Thais Depot.


Mount Taming Item Link
Black Sheep
Reins Black Sheep - Wiki
N/A Blazebringer - Wiki
Crystal Wolf
Diapason Crystal Wolf - Wiki
Bag of Apple Slices Donkey - Wiki
Decorative Ribbon Dragonling - Wiki
Harness Draptor - Wiki
Fist on a Stick Dromedary - Wiki
Glooth Glider
Construct it using a Glooth Glider Blueprint, a Glooth Glider Casing, a Roll of Covering, Glooth Glider Tubes and Wires, a Glooth Glider Crank, a Glooth Glider Hinge, and a Glooth Glider Gear Wheel Glooth Glider - Wiki
Golem Wrench Gnarlhound - Wiki
Iron Loadstone Ironblight - Wiki
King Scorpion
Scorpion Sceptre King Scorpion - Wiki
Kingly Deer
Golden Fir Cone Kingly Deer - Wiki
Four-Leaf Clover Ladybug - Wiki
Magma Crawler
Glow Wine Magma Crawler - Wiki
Manta Ray
Foxtail Manta Ray - Wiki
Midnight Panther
Leather Whip Midnight Panther - Wiki
Noble Lion
The Lion's Heart Noble Lion - Wiki
Racing Bird
Carrot on a Stick Racing Bird - Wiki
Rapid boar
Hunting Horn Rapid boar - Wiki
Rift Runner
Mysterious Scroll Rift Runner - Wiki
Shock Head
Nightmare Horn Shock Head - Wiki
Give 30 Hollow Stampor Hoof, 50 Stampor Horn and 100 Stampor Talons to Chondur in Meriana Stampor - Wiki
Tamed Panda
Bamboo Leaves or Music Box Tamed Panda - Wiki
The Hellgrip
Nail Case The Hellgrip - Wiki
Tiger Slug
Slug Drug Tiger Slug - Wiki
Tin Lizzard
Tin key Tin Lizzard - Wiki
Giant Shrimp Titanica - Wiki
Undead Cavebear
Maxilla Maximus Undead Cavebear - Wiki
Golden Can of Oil Uniwheel - Wiki
Melting Horn Ursagrodon - Wiki
Control Unit Walker - Wiki
War Bear
Slingshot War Bear - Wiki
War Horse
Sugar Oat War Horse - Wiki
Water Buffalo
Leech Water Buffalo - Wiki
Widow Queen
Sweet Smelling Bait Widow Queen - Wiki