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How to Play?

The objective of the game is to avoid the zombies! If you are touched by a zombie you will be eliminated!

What Is The Reward?

10 Gold Nuggets are given the the Winning Player.

Zombie Event winners
Rank Name Wins Xirus13 Rio9 Goblinsworder9 Emo Vengador8 Anna Grodzka8 Randoms8 Kastarn6 Kamox6 Queen of darkness5 Deni4 Kylestam4 Miss4 Jam3 Ble3 Awesome One3 Faza3 Nigromante2 Manowar2 Muda'ris2 Rergar2 Tyar2 Zarik2 Bejdula2 Blondon Boy2 Kibasek Dzida2 Seloi2 Bubbel Attack2 Godzilla Ii2 Skalfi2 Oo Oo Rohan Oo Oo2 Saos2 Aspie2 Zarlacz Bialy1 Sad Mage1 Nohand1 Mr Strocks1 Shaco1 Molla Xx1 The King1 Kostek Bober1 Good Paladin1 Aragorn1 Krylek1 Neek1 Zorsedez1 Illi Astri1 Baltazar1 Propaganda Dulus1 Anastasia1 Sorcerer1 Shiroe1 Swift1 Nidman1 Piotrek Ek1 Zeus1 Beton1 Middle Finger1 Barry Pothead1 Kriss Asterdam1 Anaeth1 Bloker You Lala1 Almighty Fryta1 Knyga1 Feanor1 Kgt1 Beliall1 Dash Bolter1 Duque1 Huncho Jack1 Theon'dara1 Silfir1 Sir Raul1 Doctor Feelgood1 Robban1 Sorken1 Tryphian1 Nato1 Bombar Man1 Medx1 Duch1 Refleks Chudego Byka1 Hdd1 Tabaka1 Pontyfik Suly1 Gerwazy1 Heymayey1 Devoe1 Zwrot1 Arturititito1 Jonne1 Ecstasy1 Basuka1 Quba1 Szefuncio1 Kamcio1 Kapsel Ii1 Towo1 Herrykide1 Tank1 Wladca Ed1
Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
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Double Xp Doll
Double Xp for 2 hours!
Make the most of your time!

On Sale!
Sad Mage
1243 RP
1000 coins

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Best Exp Today
739 EK +209,277,861
783 RP +177,465,378
1567 EK +127,193,222

Worst Exp Today
500 ED -8,858,851
351 ED -3,865,331
Hunter M~
193 MS -3,678,859