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Rift Table of Contents

What is the rift?

The rift is a bridge between worlds ...
Demonic creatures often use the imperfections in time and space to cross between the realms ...
It is our duty as the guardians of the rift to protect Middle Earth OT from these ghastly creatures!

Rift Rewards

During the rift you have a chance to loot Gold Nuggets, Gold Tokens, and Silver Tokens amongst other various loot from the rift bosses.

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online

Double Xp Doll
Double Xp for 2 hours!
Make the most of your time!

Character Market
Light le~
469 RP
40 coins

Owned by the:
Guild LogoGuild Logo

Best Exp Today
Peggy ~
448 ED +207,810,057
636 EK +144,353,736
804 ED +109,210,458

Worst Exp Today
433 MS -6,501,626
Ryon Ve~
290 RP -1,887,465
Daft Pu~
232 RP -1,024,165