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World Information
Status: Online
Players Online: 71 Players Online
Online Record: 189 players
Era Start Date: Feb 16, 2018
Location: Europe
PvP Type: Open PvP

Players Online [ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ]  
Name  [sort] Level   [sort] Vocation  [sort] VIP
vn Ai Ui211Royal PaladinVIP
US Atos155Elder DruidVIP
vn Bobo306Elite KnightVIP
us Bokicar155Elder DruidVIP
US Chipsu Rooker310NoneVIP
us Comando Sp164Elite KnightVIP
unknown Crowley115Elite KnightVIP
us Dagge Den Fule110Elder DruidVIP
us Daj Suba101Elder DruidVIP
CN Demiurge307Elite KnightVIP
US Donp375Royal PaladinVIP
US Down395Royal PaladinVIP
us Drais Epach198Elite KnightVIP
GB El Malaya440Master SorcererVIP
US Evil Hunter133Royal PaladinVIP
FR Evil Merlin783Master SorcererVIP
PL Faza566Master SorcererVIP
vn Fivapopal120Royal PaladinVIP
us Ghostpants210Elite KnightVIP
JP GM Kongou500Master SorcererVIP
us Guardiana254NoneVIP
US Gucci Gucci142Elite KnightVIP
eu Hejka Skond Ten Dead277Elder DruidVIP
PL Hunk492Royal PaladinVIP
CN John wick768Elite KnightVIP
us Jude Of Hell256Royal PaladinVIP
vn Kaburras302Master SorcererVIP
us Kacpero101Royal PaladinVIP
us Kastarn1371Royal PaladinVIP
us Kidbuu245Elite KnightVIP
us Knight391Elite KnightVIP
CN Knoxkniight1244Elite KnightVIP
JP Lanna Del Rey103Elite KnightVIP
us Lelouch276Elder DruidVIP
us Lilithy21Master SorcererVIP
pl Mad Mike254Elder DruidVIP
us Maxi King408Master SorcererVIP
vn Meaw197Elder DruidVIP
us Metanaxin396Elite KnightVIP
SE Miss1470Elder DruidVIP
JP Mizz226Master SorcererVIP
DZ Monosaurio200Royal PaladinVIP
vn Muppeta245Elder DruidVIP
unknown Nigromante666Master SorcererVIP
eu Nunoh808Elite KnightVIP
us Palpol66Royal PaladinVIP
vn Papalala198Royal PaladinVIP
US Peggy Brown448Elder DruidVIP
us Pixi335Royal PaladinVIP
US Prince Mustafa488Elite KnightVIP
us Rawka100Royal PaladinVIP
vn Rergar428Elite KnightVIP
cn San Pateste229Elder DruidVIP
vn Shaolin23Elder DruidVIP
us Shockuu311Elite KnightVIP
KR Shodow804Elder DruidVIP
us Slaktad119Elite KnightVIP
us Slaktish20Royal PaladinVIP
FR Snift Rookslayer308NoneVIP
vn Solo Warman369Royal PaladinVIP
US Stos157Elite KnightVIP
US Swag Is Back265Elder DruidVIP
us Takamura101Elder DruidVIP
us Teddy610Elder DruidVIP
ve Telo Encajo184Master SorcererVIP
eu Tempus155Elite KnightVIP
us Viscu500Royal PaladinVIP
US Xirus1391Master SorcererVIP
unknown Yazuri Yamilet385Royal PaladinVIP
US Zaggor113Royal PaladinVIP
us Zordon Magic137Master SorcererVIP

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Best Exp Today
Peggy ~
448 ED +207,810,057
636 EK +144,353,736
804 ED +109,210,458

Worst Exp Today
433 MS -6,501,626
Ryon Ve~
290 RP -1,887,465
Daft Pu~
232 RP -1,024,165