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Become a Twitch Partner
If you would like be a Twitch Partner of Middle Earth OT please contact us and include the following information:
  • Character Name
  • Twitch Account ID
If you are streaming on Twitch you will get free VIP as long as you are actively streaming.
If your channel is very popular you may qualify for other rewards.

Let's work together to make a better server!

Character Name Status Twitch Link
[Twitch Bot]
123 None
Offline admin_godric
340 Master Sorcerer
Offline garafighter
The Great One
633 Elite Knight
Offline legendaryxed

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online

Ghostsilver Lantern
Critical Chance +100%
Critical Damage +25%
Duration: 60 minutes

Character Market
No Name
308 ED
30 coins

Owned by the:
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Best Exp Today
Peggy ~
448 ED +207,810,057
636 EK +144,353,736
804 ED +109,210,458

Worst Exp Today
433 MS -6,501,626
Ryon Ve~
290 RP -1,887,465
Daft Pu~
232 RP -1,024,165