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Middle Earth OT Staff

Group Name Status Last Seen
Administrator Godric Offline 9 hours ago
Gamemaster GM Kongou Online --
Tutor Man Of War Offline 1 day ago
Senior Tutor Shiroe Offline 1 week ago
Tutor Xirus Online --
Tutor Miss Online --

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Character Market
Habyzz R~
442 RP
50 coins

Owned by the:
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Best Exp Today
Peggy ~
448 ED +207,810,057
636 EK +144,353,736
804 ED +109,210,458

Worst Exp Today
433 MS -6,501,626
Ryon Ve~
290 RP -1,887,465
Daft Pu~
232 RP -1,024,165