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Evo's Profile
Status Offline
[last seen 1 day ago]
Name Evo
Sex male
Relationship Single
Vocation Royal Paladin
Level 947
Guild Canibals
Residence Thais
House Central Circle 6 (Shop) (Edron)
Balance 21139775 gps
Created September 21, 2018
Group None
Account VIP Account
Level Magic Fist Club Sword Axe Dist Shield Fish
947 39 61 10 10 10 136 104 10

Experience History
Date Exp
Best Day October 03, 2018 +413,293,204
Worst Day -- 0
Last Week -- +533,344,462
Last Month -- +2,124,477,486
Last 7 Days Exp
Today 0
Tue - October 16th +9,783,761
Mon - October 15th +57,431,574
Sun - October 14th +143,455,191
Sat - October 13th 0
Fri - October 12th +19,121,076
Thu - October 11th +178,915,167
Wed - October 10th +124,637,693
Grizzly Adam's Task Points: 33 Dreamers Challenge Quest
An Interest in Botany A Father's Burden
Against the Spider Cult Annihilator
Barbarian Test Behemoth
Blue Legs Black Knight
Children of the Revolution Demon Helmet
Demon Oak Elemental Spheres Quest
Ferumbras Ascension Fire Axe
Forgotten Knowledge Hot Quisine
In Service of Yalahar Medusa Shield Quest
Pits of Inferno Postman Quest
Sam's Old Backpack Svargrond Arena: Greenhorn
Svargrond Arena: Scrapper Svargrond Arena: Warlord
The Ancient Tombs The Ape City
The Hidden City of Beregar: Pythius the Rotten The Ice Islands
The Inquisition The New Frontier
The Queen of the Banshees The Secret Service
The Thieves Guild The White Raven Monastery
The Ultimate Booze Unnatural Selection
Wrath of the Emperor Vampire Shield Quest
Total Quest Completed: 38% (15/39)
Date Victim Type
Oct 17, 04:25 am
8 hours ago
He killed Kikkoman at level 291. Participant
Oct 17, 02:55 am
10 hours ago
He killed Seloi at level 421. Participant
Oct 16, 11:16 pm
13 hours ago
He killed Yeetro at level 107. Participant
Oct 16, 06:58 pm
18 hours ago
He killed Meaw at level 102. Participant
Oct 16, 01:25 am
1 day ago
He killed Sloth at level 296. Participant
Oct 15, 09:37 pm
1 day ago
He killed Mejillon at level 201. Participant
Oct 15, 08:15 pm
1 day ago
He killed Bobo at level 303. Participant
Oct 15, 03:44 pm
1 day ago
He killed Chocale Savoy at level 282. Participant
Oct 15, 03:43 pm
1 day ago
He killed Zorsedez at level 552. Participant
Oct 15, 08:18 am
2 days ago
He killed Zaqz at level 271. Participant
Oct 15, 08:09 am
2 days ago
He killed Zaqz at level 271. Participant
Oct 14, 11:33 pm
2 days ago
He killed West Shezz at level 162. Participant
Oct 14, 10:35 pm
2 days ago
He killed Daft Punk at level 194. Participant
Oct 14, 08:38 pm
2 days ago
He killed Shockuu at level 259. Participant
Oct 14, 05:24 pm
2 days ago
He killed Niuum at level 563. Participant
Date Description
Oct 15, 06:24 pm
1 day ago
died at level 947 by a Skullfrost, Miss and Nunoh
Oct 4, 05:04 pm
12 days ago
died at level 758 by a minion of gaz'haragoth and Gaz'Haragoth
Oct 4, 05:02 pm
12 days ago
died at level 759 by Gaz'Haragoth
Sep 30, 06:54 pm
16 days ago
died at level 610 by a guzzlemaw, a dark torturer, a plaguesmith, a retching horror, a choking fear, a shadow fiend, a demon outcast, a deepling warrior, a nightmare, a deepling spellsinger, a deepling elite, a betrayed wraith, an energy elemental, Prince Drazzak, a deepling guard, a frazzlemaw, a time keeper and a hellhound
Sep 29, 01:27 pm
17 days ago
died at level 517 by a hellfire fighter, Hellflayer, vexclaw, a blightwalker, a plaguesmith, Zamulosh, Grimeleech, a hellhound, a fury, a defiler, a son of verminor, a demon, a spectre, a betrayed wraith and a hand of cursed fate
Sep 29, 07:55 am
18 days ago
died at level 502 by a dark torturer, a demon, a grim reaper, a hellhound, a hellspawn, Knoxkniight and Tripper
Sep 27, 05:08 pm
19 days ago
died at level 444 by a hideous fungus, Minion Of Versperoth, a humorless fungus, a humongous fungus, an armadile and Abyssador
Sep 27, 04:59 pm
19 days ago
died at level 444 by a hideous fungus, a humongous fungus, a humorless fungus, a magma crawler and an armadile
Sep 26, 02:39 am
21 days ago
died at level 364 by a renegade knight, a stone golem, a vile grandmaster, a ghoul, a Lady Tenebris, a broken shaper, a necromancer, a Shadow Tentacle, a shadow fiend, a warlock, a ghost, a shaper matriarch, a vicious squire, a Twisted Shaper and a mummy
Sep 26, 02:06 am
21 days ago
died at level 363 by a death dragon and Ragiaz

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