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Middle Earth OT Staff

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God Godric Offline 1 hour ago
Gamemaster GM Celeste Offline 7 hours ago
Tutor Anaeth Offline 1 day ago
Tutor Miss Online 1 hour ago
Tutor Goodwill Hunting Online 6 hours ago
Tutor Gantz Offline 1 day ago

The best way to speak with the Staff is by posting under the Help/Support Forum.

You can also send us an e-mail at: [email protected]
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      Best EXP Today
 1.  Spjutkastaren
 2.  Dirty Zedplayer
 3.  Goodwill Hunting

      Worst EXP Today
 1.  Tholior
 2.  Tyrell
 3.  Dash Warbeast