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Event Shop
  • By participating in events you will win Gold Nuggets
  • To spend these coins please visit the NPC Nuggeter Nick located on floor +1 of Thais Depot
  • To check when the next event is happening just type the command !event in-game
  • You can view a full list of event times & prizes here: Event Times

Event CoinsPictureItemDescription
1501x Bonus Xp InsigniaThis item grants 50% bonus experience for 1 hour.
201x Unrealized DreamThis item has a chance to give Roshamuul Prison Keys which can be used to face the bosses in Roshamuul Prison. It also a chance to give rubbish.
501x Small Stamina RefillDrink this little potion to refill 2 hours of stamina.
1001x The Lion's HeartThis item can be used to tame a noble lion.
1001x Nail CaseThis item can be used to tame a gravedigger.
1001x Hunting HornThis item can be used to tame a boar.
1001x Golem WrenchThis item can be used to tame a modified gnarlhound.
205x Blood HerbGreat for decorating your home.

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online

      Best EXP Today
 1.  Spjutkastaren
 2.  Dirty Zedplayer
 3.  Goodwill Hunting

      Worst EXP Today
 1.  Tholior
 2.  Tyrell
 3.  Dash Warbeast