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How do you play??

The main objective of the Event is to gain control of the castle. Now you're wondering, "How do I gain control of the castle"? To gain control of the castle you must destroy the Emperium - a large green crystal located at the top of the castle. To reach the Emperium you must first destroy the 2 pre-emps. The pre-emps are two smaller crystals located on the second floor of the castle. Once they are destroyed you should head towards the middle of the 2nd floor and find 2 TPs that will take you to the top floor. Here you will find the main Emperium. If you are able to destroy it then you're team will take control of the castle and will now have to defend it from being destroyed by someone else.

What is the reward?

The winning Guild will win 10% bonus experience as long as they are owners of the castle.

Important Commands of WoE
  • !guild This command must be executed by every member of the guild to register in the event.

  • !recall This command is for guild leaders. It will bring back your team to your position.

Most Recent WoE Wins:

No. Logo Winner guild Conquest by Time
#10 Genesis Tryphian 7 hours ago
#9 Genesis Tryphian 1 day ago
#8 Genesis Tryphian 2 days ago
#7 Genesis Tryphian 3 days ago
#6 Genesis Sio 4 days ago
#5 Genesis Astliz 5 days ago
#4 Get Out Miss 6 days ago
#3 Genesis Rio 1 week ago
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 1.  Spjutkastaren
 2.  Dirty Zedplayer
 3.  Goodwill Hunting

      Worst EXP Today
 1.  Tholior
 2.  Tyrell
 3.  Dash Warbeast