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21 Jul 2017 -
[New Dungeon] The Kraken has been...
[New Dungeon] The Kraken has been released! Gather your teams and prepare for battle.
14 Jul 2017 -
[LOOT BUYER]: The NPC [Loot Buyer] will...
[LOOT BUYER]: The NPC [Loot Buyer] will now offer to separate your tier items before selling.
14 Jul 2017 -
[AUTOLOOT] It's now possible to loot only...
[AUTOLOOT] It's now possible to loot only Tiered items as well as specify which tiers. Learn more by typing: !autoloot, onlyTiers
8 Jul 2017 -
[PayGOL]: PayGOL has been activated again....
[PayGOL]: PayGOL has been activated again. Check it out - PayGOL Donation
7 Jul 2017 -
  • New Dungeon system...
  • New Dungeon system released. [BETA]
  • Upgraded Equipment is dropped in loot up to Tier 20 (double for 2h-weapons)!
  • It's now possible to Tier your items up to Tier 20 as well!
  • Increases AutoLoot slots from 5 to 10
  • Removed PZ from Spike Exit TPs
  • PayGol to be reactivated soon.
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IP: | Client: 10.98 | Server Info | Download Client | Play now!

Middle Earth OT is a full real map with some custom modifications to make the game more fun. Most real quests are without pre-missions. Ammunition and Runes are unlimited. Other handy features like: Equip Hotkey, Reward Chest, In-game Store and Private Guild Battle.

Don't wait, begin your journey today on Middle Earth OT! | Create Account
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69 kills


49 kills


49 kills

Ride or die

46 kills

The Cunts

38 kills


37 kills

Get Out

18 kills

Karam boty

13 kills
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Last joined us: Terpec. Welcome and wish you a nice game!
Currently, the highest level on the server is: Sorken (565). Congratulations!
Accounts in database: 16730
Players in database: 24035
Free Houses: 983
Rented Houses: 147
Banned accounts: 51
Guilds in database: 46
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Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online

      Best EXP Today
 1.  Gantz
 2.  Goodwill Hunting
 3.  Ceaser

      Worst EXP Today
 1.  Majzel
 2.  Queen Desto
 3.  Revenger