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23 Aug 2016 -
[Change Log #11]:
-- Snowball Fight...
[Change Log #11]:
-- Snowball Fight event now will give nuggets for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
-- Removed unecessary registration before entering WoE
-- Fixed bug in Mortal Combat Arena not resetting if a person died inside
-- Zamulosh now only summons up to 6 clones instead of infinite
-- Added missing items to Yasir
-- Fixed Rift Bow not being 2 handed
-- It's no longer possible to guard Horestis spawn. The player who breaks the jar will be TP'd into the room and whoever was standing in the room prior will be kicked out.
9 Aug 2016 -
[Change Log #10]:
-- Enhanced Oramond...
[Change Log #10]:
-- Enhanced Oramond Hydra Spawn
-- Enhanced Oramond Grim & Demon Spawn
-- Enhanced Lizard City Spawn
-- Enhanced Forbidden Lands Behe Spawn
-- Enhanced Minotaur Area of Oramond Raid
-- Enhanced Spike Floors & Fixed missing spawn in some areas
-- Enhanced areas of Roshamuul
-- Fixed bugged stair in Warzones
-- Fixed missing tile in Gray Beach
-- Fixed Oramond House Walls and Doors
-- You now receive a Shopping Bag when you Buy w/ Backpack from NPC
-- Free Bless to level 200
-- Anti-AFK Check will only check after 10kk exp gain
4 Aug 2016 -
[Highscores]: The highscores page can now...
[Highscores]: The highscores page can now be sorted by vocation as well.
4 Aug 2016 -
[Change Log #9]:
-- Increase loot...
[Change Log #9]:
-- Increase loot rate for Clusters of Solace
-- Chance of creating crude umbral weapon changed to 100% and other 2 steps have increased success rate
-- Added in new Voting System, type !vote in-game to participate
-- Added in Monster Arena
30 Jul 2016 -
[Change Log #8]:
-- Fixed Rift...
[Change Log #8]:
-- Fixed Rift Crossbow hand requirement
-- Added new Otherworld Creatures
-- Otherworld creature products can be sold at Yasir
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219 kills


212 kills

La Mochila

196 kills

Death Squad

131 kills


73 kills


72 kills

Bennys Liga

60 kills

Never Duality

49 kills
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Custom 10.95 Client: Download
Last joined us: Derpentus. Welcome and wish you a nice game!
Currently, the highest level on the server is: Asherz (450). Congratulations!
Free Houses: 1055
Rented Houses: 75
Accounts in database: 10924
Players in database: 15654
Banned accounts: 28
Guilds in database: 103

Aug 04 2016 - Bonus Weekend!

Posted by GM Pax

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Aug 04 2016 - Server Update

The objective of the game is to defeat the monsters as fast as possible. The faster you go the higher you score. In order win Arena Badges you will need to complete all 10 rounds. When exchanging arena badges for Ultimate or Supreme potions you will have the chance to win a Surprise Cube, which when used can give you random prizes from dolls, to a new light source, even nuggets or crystal coins, but also garbage.

To vote please type the words !vote in-game and you'll see a list of polls.
You can view the results as they come in here: Poll Results

Requirements to vote;
- Level 180
- Character must be at least 1 week old

Posted by Godric

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