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2 Oct 2017 -
[Bonus Exp]: Double exp until Tuesday...
[Bonus Exp]: Double exp until Tuesday October 3rd!
1 Oct 2017 -
[Client Update]: Kindly download the...
[Client Update]: Kindly download the Middle Earth OT Client v 10.00 from the download page!
With the new client comes new outfits, mounts, items and mobs!
6 Sep 2017 -
[Teaser]: In the lab doing work ... ...
[Teaser]: In the lab doing work ...

1 Sep 2017 -
[NO Reset]: There will...
[NO Reset]: There will NOT be a restart of Middle Earth OT! Have fun! Recent Unannounced updates:
  • Raid Spawner
  • Auto Healing
  • New Dungeon: Lizard Temple
  • New monsters in rook behind premy bridge
  • 21 Jul 2017 -
    [New Dungeon] The Kraken has been...
    [New Dungeon] The Kraken has been released! Gather your teams and prepare for battle.
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    IP: | Client: 10.00 | Server Info | Download Client | Play now!

    Middle Earth OT is a full real map with some custom modifications to make the game more fun. Most real quests are without pre-missions. Ammunition and Runes are unlimited. Other handy features like: Equip Hotkey, Reward Chest, In-game Store and Private Guild Battle.

    Don't wait, begin your journey today on Middle Earth OT! | Create Account
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    Get Out

    151 kills


    58 kills


    52 kills


    47 kills

    Ride or die

    46 kills

    The Cunts

    38 kills

    Wrath of Narnia

    27 kills


    19 kills
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    Last joined us: Yeiyan. Welcome and wish you a nice game!
    Currently, the highest level on the server is: My Dying Bride (808). Congratulations!
    Accounts in database: 17060
    Players in database: 24582
    Free Houses: 1114
    Rented Houses: 18
    Banned accounts: 52
    Guilds in database: 55
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    Sep 02 2017 - Bosses, Dungeon, New items, and New commands!

    We are preparing new things for you every day and now we release some bosses, dungeons, new items, new features like autoloot and autoheal, and we will add more soon!

    We introduce the new Bosses to the game Oceanus, Zulazza the corrupted and Devovorga, and we are preparing new bosses for this month!



    The Dungeon Teleport is near the NPC Nuggeter Nick.

    You can choose from 3 different dungeons right now and more are comming!

    Here you will choose from 12 different Tiers
    Each tier has a different dificult and the creatures has an skull depending how hard it is

    The Volcano

    The Kraken

    The Lizard Tomb

    -Upgrade System-

    Now at the store we have upgrade removers and ultimate upgrade gems!
    They can tier an item from 8-12 or 16-24! depending if is 1h or 2h

    -Dragon Fruit-

    Also we introduce the dragon fruit, if you eat it the food will be infinite for ever!

    -New Commands-

    Auto heal is in beta mode right now!

    AutoHealing v1.0:

    Please enter the type: spell/healthpot/manapot
    !autoheal spell/healthpot/manapot
    Other Commands:
    !autoheal list -- show current healing list
    !autoheal clear -- clear healing settings


    You have 10 slots for the autoloot list!
    Use the commands:

    !autoloot add,item
    !autoloot remove,item
    !autoloot show
    !autoloot clear
    !autoloot onlyTiers (Will loot tier version of the items on your list!)

    Regards ~
    GM Celeste - Anaeth
    Posted by GM Celeste

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