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21 Feb 2017 -
[NPC Yasir]: Yasir now buys demonic...
[NPC Yasir]: Yasir now buys demonic essences for 1000gp.
6 Feb 2017 -
[New Era]: Thanks to everyone who came...
[New Era]: Thanks to everyone who came back and to all the new faces for joining us another fun era of Middle Earth OT!
6 Feb 2017 -
[Past Donators]: You will receive up to...
[Past Donators]: You will receive up to 350 points every Saturday until you have received back all of your points.
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IP: | Client: 10.98 | Server Info | Download Client

Middle Earth OT is a full real map with some custom modifications to make the game more fun. Most real quests are without pre-missions. Ammunition and Runes are unlimited. Other handy features like: Equip Hotkey, Reward Chest, In-game Store and Private Guild Battle.

Don't wait, begin your journey today on Middle Earth OT! | Create Account
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Never Paniked

240 kills

The Cunts

193 kills

Zero Respect

67 kills

hours upon hours

63 kills

Amunra Raikuu

54 kills


42 kills

One Touch

42 kills


40 kills
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Last joined us: Jinxy. Welcome and wish you a nice game!
Currently, the highest level on the server is: Oxy (443). Congratulations!
Accounts in database: 13814
Players in database: 19815
Free Houses: 897
Rented Houses: 233
Banned accounts: 30
Guilds in database: 66
Feb 15 2017 - New Movie

War Movie made by "The Cunts"

Thanks for sharing your film with us!

If anyone else has a movie about Middle Earth OT they would like to share kindly send me the link @

Posted by Godric

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 1.  Psycho'the'rapis~
 2.  Super Rahku
 3.  Lusifeer

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 1.  Epic Mage
 2.  Pani Deivowa
 3.  Karelys Ovalles